Intuit Retains a Core Market

Intuit Professional Line products help with everything from payroll, tax and reconciling check books to advanced inventory and business analysis. Intuit has grown a great team that uses the principles of User Centered Design to listen and respond to what customers need.


The Professional Line Tax group creates products that range in cost from $3000 to $25K. Primary to Intuit is how this group attracts, retains and manages customers. Retention and trial materials did not reflect the cost or depth of the product; customers who had paid$10K for software were sent an impersonal form letter in a plain envelope thanking them for business.

My Role

Part of my job as Creative Director at Intuit was to review how core businesses were using (or not using) design to their advantage. In 2003 I drafted visual and brand guidelines for the business unit and redesigned most of the marketing materials in use. The 2003 and 2004 evaluation kits were redesigned with an eye to cost per unit, the goal being get the best for less.

Results: “Sales for Lacerte and Pro Series products have increased 15% since the redesign. Customer feedback from focus groups showed a 20% more positive feeling to the new evaluation kits, the product materials (manuals, guides, catalogs) and improved brand recognition to competitors."”


  • 1. The 2004 Lacerte Evaluation kit was produced for $5 less per unit than the prior years kit. It received higher retention scores from consumer groups for brand recognition and won an award for design from Nennah Papers
  • 2. The 2003 Lacerte Evaluation kit. The initial design had been done in less then five weeks.