Past Projects

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  • InTouch iPad screen

    InTouch iPad App

    Enables managers to quickly understand the core drivers of their business Allows for fact based back-of-the-napkin business scenario simulations Provides a game-like experience for testing hunches and likely outcomes for problems such as sales forecasting

  • Appointment screen for iPhone Repair App

    Mobile Appliance iPhone App

    Enabling a new and exciting product lifecycle experience for household appliance customers via mobile devices that leverages SAP-run business processes and information.

  • Valentine's Day Micro Site

    The Power of 180 Million

    How do you leverage the foot traffic that comes to both your online and offline store during peak seasons?

  • Infomercial Micro Site


    Wal-Mart chose to take a fresh look at the digital channel with a redesign of their e-commerce site in 2005. Launching in 2006 the new site incorporated more brick-and-mortar features like localized inventory checking, direct free shipping to a local store and customer reviews.

  • interior page

    Launching a new brand is a challenge, launching a brand within an already well-esatblished brand is another.

  • Overview of Intuit collateral

    Intuit retains a core market

    The Professional Tax group, a primary Intuit market, products ranging from $3000 to $25K.

  • Social media sites for Walmart

    Walmart Social Media Efforts

    Walmart began to implement user feedback into the digital marketing mix in 2006; my role was to help guide and support that growth.

  • Holiday mobile concept for Walmart

    Walmart Mobile for Holiday

    Using popular mediums to communicate to its core shopper, like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, a retailer can increase loyalty, gain understanding of its shoppers, reduce marketing costs and reinforce its brand.

  • Customer Snapshot iPad app start screen

    A Customer Snapshot

    Enable a new and exciting delivery mechanism for business briefs, quarterly update documents and customer data deliverable via iPad.

  • Scenes from "Selling is Tough" Video for SAP

    Retooling the Sales Process

    How can you provide a demo environment that reflects a rapid deployment solution similar to those already being built and promoted to customers of SAP?

  • Redesigned interior page for BlogHer

    Branding a Blogging Giant

    BlogHer is a cutting-edge five-year-old startup that has made a name as the leading voice of women online.

  • Screenflow layout for iPhone Retail Mobile Sales App

    Sparking Retail Sales

    Goal: Empowering a sales associate with a mobile tool that allows for inventory management and immediate sales. The deliverable: an iPhone application that allows for inventory control and increased sales.

  • Yola

    Re-Branding a Fast Growing StartUp

    SynthaSite, a fast growing startup that hosted and published hundreds of thousands of sites needed a new look, new logo and new identity to match pace with its growth.

  • NileGuide

    Wanted: Brand Guidelines for a Travel Website

    NileGuides was reaching out to a larger audience and wanted a unified message with which to do so. That required branded marketing materials to insure that the message was unified.

  • Macys Putting it All Together Video

    Social Media for Macy's

    Macys partnered with BlogHer to reach a core target of women shoppers. They did it with a combination of the most powerful female blogger, The Pioneer Woman, and the best BlogHer contributors.

  • SUN Java Store icon study

    The Sun Java Store

    Create an opportunity for the thousands of programmers creating Java applications to market their works under one roof.