What if you could gain a general sense of the financial health of your business through a simple,easy to use hand held device? Something that's easily carried like an iPad with software that allows for modeling scenarios quickly. We created a simulation engine application to run what-if scenarios and perform optimization across multiple options of a companies finances. Information from multiple sources was pulled in to allow benchmarking against actuals. We also built in best-practices modules that could be dragged and dropped onto a scenario and live feeds of market data. The goal: Enable a real-time user experience on mobile devices, such as the iPad, by performing the heavy lifting in the background with SAP technologies.


Produce a mobile application that can easily allow modeling for business owners, CFOs and fiancial leaders.

  • Enables managers to quickly understand the core drivers of their business
  • Allows for fact based back-of-the-napkin business scenario simulations
  • Provides a game-like experience for testing hunches and likely outcomes for problems such as sales forecasting

My Role

This project began as the brainchild of our group leader, Franz Aman. My role was to support the completion of the concept into physical form. To help in this effort we engaged the services of EffectiveUI; I acted as the primary creative contact for the agency relationship. Group meetings, brainstorm sessions and several rounds of design reviews and critiques resulted in a successful result.

Results: “The design for the InTouch interface was the winner of the 2010 SAP Design Excellence Award in the category of "Prototypes"”


  • 1. Various screens showing the "pie" concept for interaction of data; dragging accross the screen moved the driver tree model, tapping allowed for exposing additional data.